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  • What are the typical weather conditions?
    The Eastern Free State weather is mild to hot during spring and very hot in summer. Summer rains can be expected between December and April. Winter days are lovely and warm, with cold evenings and early mornings. Autumn (March - May) and early summer (August-November), are the ideal months to walk/cycle.
  • How does lunch work?
    It varies. Some venues supply a three course meal. Others will include ingredients with the evening meal, for pilgrims to prepare their lunch for the next day. Other venues offer packed lunches which you may order from them directly. Don't forget to bring a extra lunch money which you can also use to buy snacks and refreshments from shops along the route. When shopping for your own snacks to bring along, be sure to include peanuts and raisins, dried fruit, cheese, biscuits, and biltong. Energellies are great. Any light weight snacks.
  • What can be expected at the overnight accommodations?
    Our range of overnight venues include basic backpacker, rustic farmhouses, B&B's, Guest Farms, Game Farms, and a Mountain Lodge. All offer electricity/gas, hot water, clean linen. Some of the overnight accommodations are licensed, however you are welcome to bring your own for sundowners in the evening.
  • Is there wifi/reception along the routes?
    There is limited reception along the route in some spots, but generally there is reception. Two of the venues offer wifi.
  • What are the best shoes to pack for the terrain?
    We recommend comfortable walking shoes and easy shoes for the evenings. The terrain can be rocky in places. Prepare your feet at least a month ahead by applying Vaseline every day, This will help to minimise painful feet and blisters. Please download the checklist which provides all necessities to pack in for your pilgrimage.
  • Can drinking water be found along the trails?
    You will need approximately 3-5 litres of water for each leg of the route, we recommend bringing 3 water bottles to carry with you on your pilgrimage. The overnight accomodations and farms all have clean, fresh, drinking water. Fill your water bottles before setting out each day. There are other water stations along the routes, however these generally contain 'brak-water' which is unpleasant and not advisable to consume.
  • Are wild animals to be seen along the route?
    Yes! When in the nature reservation areas, zebra, giraffe, waterbuck, kudu, springbuck, and other buck will be seen. A large variety of birds can also be spotted. Parts of the route will take you through these reserves where the animals roam freely without fences. Please be aware at all times and keep a respectable distance whilst walking through.
  • How safe is the route?
    You will be travelling a short distance on a national road with some traffic at the start and end of your journey - depending on your route. Reflective vests and/or strips will be supplied and should be worn at all times when on the route. We urge pilgrims to start walking in good time to be at their destinations for the night by 3pm. Please call if you will be late to arrive, or a search party will be sent. Please do not accept lifts along the routes and always stay together in your group, keeping a visible distance from your nearest team member.
  • Are there emergency measures in place?
    Yes, in case of emergencies, we have support vehicles on standby to transport pilgrims to the nearest hospital or overnight accommodation should the need arise. Please note costs will be charged for at an additional rate.
  • What is slack-packing?
    We offer a slack-packing service for those who prefer to walk with a light pack. Your belongings will be collected from each overnight stop and be at your next destination when you arrive. Please select slack-packing as a requirement on your registration form and we will include a quotation. These rates are calculated using AA rates and subject to the fluctuation of fuel prices.
  • Is there a weight limit for slack-packing?
    Yes, we are happy to accommodate 25kg per person for slack-packing. However, you are welcome to pack more, in which case we will charge for at an extra cost per kg.
  • Are there toilets along the routes?
    Only 'veld' toilets! Please see the checklist, a small spade is recommended to carry with you along with toilet paper.
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