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Footbaths and Milk Tart!

A wonderful message from a pilgrim earlier this year on her return from the Sungazer Pilgrimage.

Ladies enjoy footbath while easting cake
Soothing footbath after a days walk at House Beautiful

Dear Renee,

As you close the WhatsApp group I just want to send a final word of thanks to you and your team. It was a great trip and I am so glad we were able to be there.

I want to thank you (and the team) particularly for looking after my friend Karen Davies. She recovered enough to hit her pace on a number of morning later in the trip. It meant the world to her.

When we got back to Grahamstown our most lasting impression was of the warm hospitality and generosity of the Eastern Free State. Nothing seemed too much for our hosts - foot baths, milk tart! It was very unexpected. In particular I appreciated the tasty gluten- and lactose-free meals. Its a mission, I know, but your team put it all together very graciously.

I hope that the arrangements for the last hikes of 2023 go well.

Rich blessings for 2024 and a happy Christmas season to you all.

Dr Caroline van der Mescht.

Oct 2023

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